Quality towelling products for Hotels

Floringo, with our many years of experience, continue to be the premier supplier of high quality towelling solutions to the top hotels both in the UK and overseas.

Floringo's luxury hotel towel range offers softness and durability throughout - from the quality of the Luxus (550gsm) to the pure unashamed opulence of the Zenith (650gsm). Floringo also provide bath mats and robes which compliment perfectly your choice of towel and quietly reflect these standards.

Products we particularly recommend for Hotels:

TOWELS:   Luxus (550gsm) | Meridian (550gsm) | Solar (570gsm) | Supreme (600gsm) | Zenith (650gsm)
BATH MATS:   Luxus (800gsm) | Supreme (800gsm) | Zenith (1000gsm)

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